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50th Anniversary Edition

1969 - 2019       

'Apo11o: To the Moon and Back' is a limited edition reproduction of the original Apollo 11 Flight Plan; 

the document that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Mike Collins, and the entire mission control team in Houston used to plan and execute our first mission to land on the moon. 

The Apollo 11 Flight Plan meticulously lays out every step of the 8-day, 3-hour, 18-minute and 35-second mission that resulted in the first human exploration of the lunar surface. 


The Astronauts mission objectives are broken down into a minute-by-minute schedule, each page detailed with illustrations and predicted calculations based on the data collected from tests run by the previous Apollo space missions set in place to prepare Apollo11 for the moon landing.

Each 50th Anniversary Edition of the flight plan is hand crafted and executed as an exquisite piece of art memorabilia limited to an edition of only 500.

In addition to the flight plan itself, the book includes a preface by Astronaut Terry Virts and an introduction by Jeffrey Kluger, editor of TIME magazine and the author of "Apollo 8: The Thrilling Story of the First Mission to the Moon" and "Apollo 13". Also included are six gate-fold illustrative technical drawings and a loose, ready-for-framing gicleé fine print.


50th Anniversary Artful Commission of

Apollo11 Flight Plan        

A Bespoke Book Arts Composition 

Celebrating 50 years since man first walked on the moon, Moonshot Book Arts LLC brings to you this exquisite publication of the historic 1969 Apollo11 Flight Plan, limited edition of only 500. 

Hand crafted and bound by Book Arts Limited of Washington, D.C. each Apollo11 Flight Plan Book is exquisitely executed by hand,

crafted by a team of extraordinary Artists, Bookbinders, Printers and Leather Artisans.  

The Artists of Book Arts Limited have a legacy of creating more than 1000 Book Arts individual White House Heads of State gifts, as bespoke extraordinary masterpieces presented to Kings, Queens, Popes, and other Presidents, on behalf of the American People.

Apollo11 Flight Plan Features: 

  • History of the Apollo11 Mission

  • Introduction by Jeff Kluger

  • Preface by Astronaut Terry Virts

  • All books Signed Copy,

       Autographed by Astronaut Terry Virts

  • An evocative artist binding in timeless Florentine calf 

  • 23kt Gold embossed with ornately hand-sculpted dies 

  • Hand painted original end leaves as “Space-Inspired-Art”  

  • Photo Essay, Curated by Terry Virts 

  • 6 Gate-fold illustrative technical drawings dividing the chapters 

  • A loose and Frameable Gicleé fine print 

  • Encased in a Complementing Archival Clamshell Box, inlaid with coordinating calf, emblazoned with the Mission Patch Seal Emblem, also in 23kt Gold. 


Book Preview

Bringing the historical Apollo 11 Flight Plan to life! 

Featuring a first of its kind, the Apollo Flight Plan website presents an interactive Book Preview where the reader can browse through a selection of highlighted pages extracted from the historical flight manual. 

On each page points of interest are highlighted with a 'Red' interactive dot, when selected will reveal a further in-depth explanation of the subject matter the red dot appears next to.

Each commentary, term explanation, and/or historical insight, has been narrated by the book preface author and Moonshot Book Arts Founder,  Astronaut Terry Virts. 

Example of Interactive Book Preview

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